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I have been taking some pictures for my children's swim team the past few years and have tried many different settings. I have been using the following settings, or slightly modified versions of them for at least a couple seasons and have been pleased with the results. If you have a D300 and would like to know the settings I use, here they are:
Center weighted metering mode
Aperture priority = f4.8-7.1 depending on light and effect wanted
Picture Control = SD
Active D-Lighting = off
High ISO NR = low
a1=Release + Focus
a3= 9
a4=medium (reduces likelihood of focusing on water droplets instead of face)
b5=10 percent

ISO Sensitivity Settings = Auto ISO Control On, Min 200, Max 3200, Min shutter 1/800 (need firmware 1.1 for this)
Af selector in front of camera = C
Shooting mode on top dial set to Ch

Focus mode set to middle icon on back of camera ( I am referring to the switch right above the CF door release)
I do not use a flash because I like shooting in Ch mode to capture several frames at a time. All pictures are taken with the 70-200 2.8 VR lens, 1.7 TC II.

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