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I went down to the Miramar Air Show on its opening day. What a great show. There was so much to shoot! It was fun trying to track the aircraft that were traveling at speeds up to 700 miles an hour. The Marines really put on a great show and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys seeing these amazing machines in operation. The F-22 was very impressive.
You will notice many of the jets in the photos have what appear to be small clouds around them or on top of them. These "clouds" will sometimes appear as the jet approaches the speed of sound (round ones), or when the jet is executing a high speed turn ( cloud on the top of the jet only). Conditions have to be just right for these clouds to appear and I guess they were when I was at the show.

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F-16Ripping the SkyA Little CloserF-18F-18 Near the speed of SoundF-18 RainbowOminous ShadowCloud BirthCondensation CloseupF-22 High Speed TurnF-22 High Speed ClimbF-22 Climb IIF-22 Rainbow

Guestbook for Miramar Air Show 2008
Really nice photos. Good job of tracking too! Good color consistency.
would have been cool to be in a position to get the blue angels as they do the fly by as they cross each other and see the 2' gap between the canape.

I was on an aircraft carrier for the better part of a year and got to fly off and back on on a C2 transport plane when we were off the coast of Japan in 1987. Talk about fun and scary. USS Ranger CV61

That's when I fell in love with those jets.
Larry's Nature Shots
The condensation cloud pictures are amazing. They have always fascinated me. I look forward to seeing more of your stuff.
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