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Created 23-Jul-08
Modified 25-Sep-09
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Decided to go over to the Bolsa Chica Wetlands today after work and see what there was to shoot. There were a whole lot of birds out today. I had never attempted to capture photos of birds in flight before, but it seemed like a good time to try.

The most prevalent bird there at this time seems to be the terns. They are a relatively small bird that dives down into the water to catch little fish. I didn't know until shooting them for a while that the tern shakes itself like a dog to remove the excess water after a dive. The neat part is that the shaking happens while the bird is flying.

This behavior caught my eye and I was determined to try and capture an image of it. This was of course much more difficult than I imagined.

Well, I did capture a few sequences of the terns shaking water off of themselves. I also captured a few other birds I spotted while hanging out near the foot bridge for a while.

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